Zımba Advertising Agency


We create ads, strategies, design, brand specific content, production, digital media planning and purchasing. We are an advertising agency which has expertise in social media management. We combine our diverse talents in order to provide a “full service” package.  Our strength is to tell stories that people will believe in.


As Zımba’s founders before we started our own business, we have many positive experiences and found success in other agencies, brands and advertising campaigns. Since 2008 under the roof of Zımba Advertising Agency we have created many successful advertising campaigns for both our national and international brands.


At the advertisement design side we have experience and we developed a distinctive aesthetic taste and our work shows these qualities drastically. From logo emblem design to corporate identity design, from product ideas to packaging design we provide all services needed by a brand when it comes to “design”.



Among our digital marketing services, we offer; creating a digital media strategy, digital media planning and purchasing, utilizing programmatic advertising tools effectively, Meta Ads, Google Ads, social media management, content marketing, web design, and development services.



We provide services of community management, content strategy and development, social media analysis and reporting. Overall our social media management services are effective and efficient.


We provide concept development and design, also 2D, 3D animations, stop motion animations and animated graphics.


We think that while having a good idea is important, how appealing that idea is executed and brought to life is also crucial. With our years of advertising experience we know who can execute which idea perfectly. That’s why when it comes to production, post-production, voice acting, music&jingles and print media we work with the best.