KINETIX – “Put on your Kinetix and Go Out!”

With technological developments and more and more video games kids lost their habit of playing outside, spending most of their time in front of tv or video games. With this reduced activity depreciation rates of sneakers also went down thus less sneakers were bought and Kinetix’s sales were also reduced.

So Kinetix, in order to strengthen its positioning as a sportswear brand launched a campaign with our motto “Put on your Kinetix and Go Out!”. While the bond between brand and consumers were solidified, young audiences were encouraged to go out and play.

After this campaign was launched in the 2011 spring/summer season millions of pairs of sneakers were sold. Sales were so good Kinetix broke a sales record.

Ad for “Put on your Kinetix and Go Out!”

Kinetix – Viral Video

Kinetix – Paint Splash

Notices we prepared for Kinetix’s colorful sneaker designs.

Kinetix – Airkinetix