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Reis Gıda

Reis- Fight With Obesity

Problem: Reis made a market research and found out that young adult mothers did not know how to cook legume dishes thus kids consumed more and more frozen and take-home products. This situation increased the obesity problem among children.

Solution: Reis’s brand positioning was solidified as a brand which provides healthy products for consumption with the motto “Reis: Traditional Tastes, Healthy Generations”. Communication between brand and consumer was re-built upon information sharing and raising awareness on healthy nutrition. In order to inform the public about the nutritious effects of legume consumption, raise awareness about “Fast Food Culture” and the unhealthy effects on the younger generation in Turkey we worked hard with our brand and came up with different creative ideas.

TV, Outdoor, Press, Radio

Reis’s sales went up tremendously. This growth also positively affected other brands which sold legumes. In the end, as the category leader Reis got the biggest slice of the “legume” category.

Çarşı Against the Junk Food

For our customer Reis Gıda, as a support to their ongoing main campaign (outdoor, radio and newspaper) we designed a guerilla marketing plan. We partnered up with Beşiktaş’s famous opponent fan group ÇARŞI. At the BJK-GS football match (while our main campaign was still continued) we made them open a banner saying “ÇARŞI AGAİNST THE JUNK FOOD”. Lig TV aired the banner at their broadcast before the match. Many columnists wrote articles about the banner the next day. Maltepe University designed giant ant statues which were placed in the center of Beşiktas and wrote our motto on the ants.

REİS – Noah’s Pudding

Your neighbours expect your Ashura The ashura you’ll cook with products from Reis will bring prosperity to you and your family. At Muharrem months 10th day, in order to reminisce Noah’s adventure and tradition, ashura(Noah’s Pudding) is cooked. This traditional flavour is shared with joy and eaten with delight. -Your neighbours expect your Ashura -Reis’s goods for Ashura

REİS – Mothers Day Campaign

We prepared notices special for Mothers Day. “Worlds best nutrition specialist” and “The lines on your face, makes you the most beautiful mother in my eyes.” were our mottos. Happy Mothers Day to all mothers. -Worlds Most Beautiful Mother -Worlds Best Nutrition Specialist