Saray Alüminyum

Notices we prepared for Saray Alüminyum



Aesthetics and Beauty

Love Is Blind

The notice we both celebrated Valentine’s Day and presented our expertise in acne and skin mark treatments and general skin care.

-14th of February Valentine’s Day Notice



The notices we created for Artella, one of Turkey’s well known kitchen furniture and door manufacturers.

-2011 Model Top Doors

-We can show you the door

-Stop going door- to -door

Roberta Bravo

Roberta Bravo- Your Husband Is Cheating On You

Roberto Bravo products were not distributed via internet so we made this notice in order to raise awareness about counterfeiters who were selling products online under the name Robert Bravo. 

Roberta Bravo – You Can Steal

In this ad we wanted to give the following messages: A little back handed slap to people who counterfeit Robert Bravo and you can win over your mothers heart by gifting her a Robert Bravo product.


Kızılay – This Blood Won’t Forget You

Kızılay, while having difficulties with blood donations, launched a campaign in 2011 in the memory of Gallipoli Martyrs aiming to gather 250.000 units of blood donation in one year. This campaign carried a heavy sentimental value for Turkey. We were on the task to publish this campaign. With our motto “This Blood Won’t Forget You” we sended a message to the public reminding them of the sacrifices this nation made, and called them to repay our debt.

Half of the donation target was achieved in the first three months of the campaign.


ITA – Beauty in Italian Touch

ITA (Italian Trade Agency) Our ad was prepared for promoting BeautyEurasia expo titled “Beauty in Italian Touch”.

-Beauty Eurasia Expo promotional poster


AKUT – Tomorrow Earthquake Awaits

At the anniversary of the 17 August 1999 earthquake we prepared a campaign for the press to raise awareness and take measures for potential earthquakes.

Swiss Otel Residences Bodrum Hill

Swiss Otel Residences Bodrum Hill

Çukurova Tower

Çukurova Tower – Dolar 

Çukurova Tower was a 36+ stories high, A Plus residence project located in a very competitive area for real estate, Kartal. When we talked with the marketers of Çukurova Tower, we learned that most of the potential buyers had an investors mindsets.

As a re-launch campaign we made a dollar bill talk because buying Dollar is always generally considered as a good investment tool in Turkey. Our Dollar bill said that Çukurova Tower was a much better investing tool.

Our campaign was effective and increased Çukurova Towers’ sales by %30.

Çukurova Tower – Balkon