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Koska – Süper İkili

Koska – Süper İkili

The ad film we prepared for Super İkili. Super İkili is one Koska’s tahini – grape syrup mix for children. Koska’s Süper İkili in its practical package is the first tahini – grape syrup mix for children. In order attract the young audience and launch the product we created two animated characters named “Tahin” and “Pekmez” which translates to tahini – grape syrup respectively. We built the story of the ad on a child actor and these two animated characters. In the end this sweet advertisement became a very effective film for younger audiences. After our campaign Süper İkili became one of the most important products for Koska. The ad was aired in children channels for a year.

Koska “Süper İkili” Launch Film

Koska with new products and package design ( Fırında Helva and tahini – grape syrup mix Süper İkili) won 2 gold, 1 silver award in Ambalaj Ay Yıldızları Awards.

Koska – Student Film

Koska – Turkish Delight

Ad for Koska’s Turkish Delight category.

Koska – Halva

Ad for Koska’s halva category.

Koska – Ramadan Campaign

Koska gave us a brief about their planned Ramadan ad for “Koska’s product family”. Generally these “product family” films are standard and boring and we worked hard to change that perspective. We came up with a creative and intriguing ad. In the ad we paired Koska’s “Wide product family” with three generations of Turkish families. We explained Koska’s products with different characters in the traditional Turkish family structure . In the end we changed the boring “product family” ad perspective and reached thousands of new families with our product.

Koska – Multiple Fruits Jam

Koska asked for appetising ads for its different products. With close-up shots we captured the appetising details.

Koska – Tahini / Grape Syrup

Big multinational companies and local chocolate brands with big marketing budgets and campaigns devalued our traditional, natural and nutritious breakfast product tahini-grape syrup. Tahini-syrup sales declined. Koska established tahini-syrup as a product which energizes whomever consumes it and also as a product which is natural and nutritious with the slogan “Koska Tahini-Grape Syrup is indispensable for everyone.” Since the relation between brand and customer was built on “sympathy” to create an active intrigue we created a child character who wanted to grow up very fast and become very strong. In the end of the campaign Koska’s sales were up by %60. So much that Koska could not satisfy the demand for its product and had to postpone some deliveries. Koska “Tahin – Pekmez” My Father’s Strength

A Magnificent Idea For Suleiman the Magnificent

Muhteşem Yüzyıl, a TV series which told the life of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent ( the sultan of the Ottoman Empire when the empire was in its biggest and strongest state) was an instant big hit in Turkey for all demographics back in 2011. In the ad we prepared for Koska’s tahini-syrup there was a boy who wanted to grow up and be strong as his father. We inserted our idea into the TV series telling the story of shehzada (sultans son) who wanted to grow up and be strong. It is advised to him, in order to be a strong sultan he should eat tahini-syrup. Our product placement was supported by an under-column while the series was airing so our customers can link the placement to our product. This campaign was very successful especially in social media. -Muhteşem Yüzyıl Insert -”My fathers Strength Comes From Tahini-Syrup, That’s What My Mom Said”