Our founder started working in the largest international advertising agency of Turkey as an ad writer while he was studying in university. He provided services in many agencies and to many national and international brands. He created effective campaigns for these brands successfully. 

In 2008 he founded Zımba Advertising Agency. He is working as a creative director and copy writer, creating exciting works for their brands.


Brand is a product of collective imagination. If you tell a truly striking story, people will gather around your story and actually believe in your ideas. That is what makes a brand “strong”.

A brand with an effective and impressive story will have the power that will be passed down from generation to generation. This is what makes telling a striking story and building a strong history difficult. If you want your brand to have that kind of “power”, please contact us.


We are creative strategists. We come up with branding strategies and transform these strategies into creative ideas, thus effective and striking stories. In order to pass on our message and story to our customers we use a multiple disciplinary approach from literature to music, cinema to design and technology and mathematics. We are a group of writers, designers, strategists, tech experts and master storytellers.